4 Tips to Prevent Frequent Sewer Backups

4 Tips to Prevent Frequent Sewer BackupsAre you tired of the frequent sewer backups in your home drains? If yes, its time to get the sewer pipes and drains cleaned professionally. Overflowing or backed up sewer is a major problem and can even result in overflowing of sinks and basement. Moreover, the repair costs of such plumbing issues are quite high.

If your bathroom drain pipe gets blocked every now or then, the reason may be something serious like underground tree roots, accumulated grease, soap scum or corroded pipes. Never avoid any sewage or plumbing repair as it may lead to serious damages or costly repairs. To stay on the safer side, it is always advised to seek the services of a professional plumber who is well versed in using modern tools and equipment to provide long-term results.

Some easy tips to follow in order to reduce the risk of sewer backups include:

  • Don’t pour greasy products such as cooking oil, grease, fats and food leftover into the drains. These products are hard to break down during the waste water treatment process and often solidify in the winters, thereby causing the sewer or drain to clog.
  • Add drain traps on the sink or over the drains to prevent larger items from going down and sticking inside the pipes. By inserting these drain baskets or strainers, the solid leftovers can be stopped from running down.
  • Protect the toilets from clogging by never flushing anything other than the body waste. Since the toilet papers and sanitary pads are hard to break down, never flush them into the toilet. Also, minimize or stop using the chemical products for cleaning the toilet.
  • Drains should be cleaned and maintained regularly instead of doing it annually. By calling a professional drain cleaner for service, you can get your toilet or kitchen drain or sewer pipes cleaned effectively with long-term results.

So, these are some of the easy tips that if followed can protect your home drains from frequent sewer backups and clogs. If you are looking for a licensed drain cleaning company in Toronto, look no further than us.