Quick & Easy Drain Cleaning Tips For Homeowners


Are you worried about the restricted flow of water in your home drains? If yes, the reason might be the oil, soap scum, grease and other obstructions stuck deep within the drain pipes. With a busy everyday schedule, most of the homeowners forget to concentrate on the home elements like drains, plumbing and waterproofing. This often leads to costly drain repairs and pipe replacement due to clogging and water overflowing issues.

If you are putting an additional strain on your home’s plumbing system, you need to clean it frequently using the safe techniques and eco-friendly products. Some easy and effective drain cleaning tips include:

  • Pour homemade baking soda down the drain.
  • Add white vinegar over the poured soda.
  • Wait for 4-5 minutes approximately.
  • Now, flush the pipes with mild hot water.

It is one of the natural and safest ways of maintaining and deodorizing a home drain. By doing this frequently, you can get rid of the clogs and overflowing drain pipes.

In case, the clog is quite severe and you want to handle the situation yourself, try using a plunger. It is a tool which is inserted in the sink, shower or toilet and fits over the drain opening completely to form a seal. To start with, hold the plunger upright and plunge the sewer a couple of times using vigorous strokes.

Hair buildups are quite common in the bathroom shower. Their accumulation can lead to massive clogs that are hard to clean. If you are dealing with such situation, try removing the clog by bending a metal hanger so that it can enter inside the drain easily. This technique is effective in cleaning the hair accumulations in the drain pipes.

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